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Rough Draft- 1000 Words photo essay assignment

School is one of the strongest socializing factors in one’s life behind the family unit and the media (social media included). From the time your five years old and start your first day of kindergarten until the moment you graduate high school, school is where you spend most of your time and build some of your most meaningful relationships outside of your family. This photo essay attempts to show that although school classrooms and curriculums around the world look different, the students who inhibit these classrooms are not different and neither are the relationships these children form inside their different classrooms. The goal is to help people realize that we often share more similarities with people than we realize even if they don’t look, talk, or act exactly like us. 

Chuck Simmins

Iraqi children sit in their classroom

23 October 2009

CC BY2.0


Steve Jurvetson

African Schoolroom- Serving the villages of Zambia.

28 June 2011

CC BY 2.0


douglasjones jr

School kids jumping (Asia)

28 March 2014

CC BY 2.0


DFID - UK Department for International Development

Getting children back into school- Muzaffargarh, Sindh

23 November 2010

CC BY 2.0


US Department of Education

05062014 ED Goes Back to School 15

6 May 2014

CC BY 2.0


AUthors Note 

I constructed the images of these children in their school settings to show that when it comes down to it a lot of us share many similarities no matter what part of the world we grow up in. For example all of these children live in different parts of the world yet in these pictures of them in their classrooms all look similar in the fact that each picture just depicts happy children in school, as if they grew up minutes apart from each other and not thousands of miles away. Hopefully just to reinforce that differences are only as big as as important as you make them.

Adults are the intended audience but children were used throughout the photo essay because children are normally associated with an innocence that affects how adults perceive them. Children tend to get a more compassionate response from adults. I also purposefully choose happy children because living here in the United States when we see children ion other counties, these children are normally depicted as poor, hungry, and sad which often degrades the image we have of not only these children but that country. And I wanted to show that kids in these countries live lives similar to kids here in the United States, reinforcing the fact that as human beings we are all quite similar.

I tried not to manipulate the images of the children too much because I wanted the picture to stay as natural as these children appeared to be and I also didn’t want to distract from the children by complicating the picture. But I did make all the pictures black and white because I wanted to make sure all the pictures were “equal” so that the audience paid attention to the actually children and their facial expressions. But other than that no other technology was used on the pictures.  

 Ultimately I want to show a commonality between different people of the world by using the medium of school, but I’m not exactly sure how I want to do this with the next five images. I don’t know if  I want to take the picture of the children in their schools and put them next to another picture as like a comparison or just add five more pictures of children in their school in five more different parts of the world. 

Finger Exercise #1

Original images:

KAZ Vorpal

Tebow – Righteousness

16 September 2012

CC BY 2.0 


Tobias Lindman

The Granite Cross

28 June 2012

CC BY 2.0

 New Image


Authors Note:

            Tim Tebow is one of the most iconic players to ever grace the football field, but his notoriety had little to with football, it had to do with his outward and constant   expression of his faith. The fascination with Tim Tebow is interesting because people either seem to like him or find his presence down right irritating, but why it is that a deeply religious man who plays football can illicit so many different responses? The picture depicts Tim Tebow praying with a bible quote and originally he was on the football field but I took out that background of the football field and added to the picture of the field with the cross in it. I choose the picture of the picture of Tim Tebow praying because it is what he is most known for, and I choose the picture of the field with the cross in it because people often feel like Tim Tebow wanted to turn the football field into some religious place that it shouldn’t be, which is why I in the end choose to combine these pictures. 

Internet Archive Book Images

"Image from page 359 of "An introduction to the study of prehistoric art" (1915)"

29 July 2014. CC BY 2.0 

Open sports

“Tim Tebow OPENSports.com”

9 January 2009. CC by 2.0

Chelsea Handler is a Pretty Bad Ass Chick, Beating Down Hegemony Right? Well Not So Much…



          Who hasn’t heard of the Chelsea Lately show right? The widely successful show offers an incredibly unique spin from the normal nighttime talk show we have become accustomed to with funny, middle aged, white men such as Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, or Conan. And then came Chelsea Handler who is a complete 180 from the expected late talk show host for starters she is a woman…an attractive woman who is hilarious, a tad raunchy, and comically able to hold her own against her male peers. Chelsea is an author, talk show host, producer, and actress whose success is largely due to the fact that she seems to deconstruct the notion of what it means to be a woman and be successful. Women are typically not looked upon or applauded for being crude, loud, blunt, strong, and funny individuals but Chelsea not only embodies all of those qualities, she has made a name for herself through those qualities. Now it seems pretty cut and dry that Chelsea Handler and her show would do nothing but disrupt hegemony completely, but if you began to look closely the show doesn’t disturb hegemony nearly as much as it would seem to at face value. And in reality the show is layered with several hegemonic themes that reinforce the dominant ideas of society.

Hegemony is the power that one group holds over another group and the factors put in place to keep the groups with power in power. James Lull explains hegemony as the “dominance and subordination in the field of relations structured by power. But hegemony is more than social power itself; it’s a method for gaining and maintaining power” (33). A hegemonic theme that holds a great power in our society is this ideal standard of beauty, which is white, thin, able bodied, heterosexual, and sexually available which are all characteristics Chelsea Handler has. Being deemed attractive by societal standards is probably one of the most important hegemonic prescriptions because it is easily noticed, highly critiqued, and highly emphasized so it makes it extremely easy to marginalize groups of people who don’t fit into these categories and therefore have no power. The Chelsea Lately Show would not be as popular as it is if she wasn’t funny and traditionally attractive, think about if the show would be as successful if Chelsea (still just as funny) was African American, a lesbian, overweight, or all three. Would her show still be on the air? Would she be as accepted by the public? Would she even have a show in the first place? In the introduction of Linda Mizejewski book Pretty/Funny Women and Comedy’s Body Politics Funniness, Prettiness, and Feminism she explores this idea of “pretty funny” saying ““The major premise of Pretty/Funny is that in the historic binary of “pretty” vs. “funny,”  women comics—no matter what they look like—have been located in opposition to “pretty,” enabling them to engage in a transgressive comedy grounded in the female body—its looks, its race and sexuality, and its relationships to ideal versions of femininity.  In this strand of comedy, “pretty” is the topic and target, the ideal that is exposed as funny” (4).” Saying women comics have an obligation to be pretty first and being funny is just sort of like a favorable secondary trait, and you cannot be a successful funny women unless you are traditionally pretty. So even though Chelsea Handler seems to be the strong fearless late night talk show host who says screw hegemony she supports (maybe to no fault of her own) the biggest hegemonic theme in our society of being attractive, which allows her a sense of privilege and success that she might not have attained if she didn’t fit into societies standards of beauty.

            Being beautiful is only half of the way Chelsea Handler and The Chelsea Lately Show reinforces hegemony, the show and the comedic style of Chelsea Handler is not a novel approach it has been used by women comics to break on to the comedy scene for years. The Chelsea Lately show infuses the idea of the grotesque and the carnivalesque woman into one late night talk show. The grotesque woman is usually associated with very masculine qualities such as dirt, filth, food, sex, and drinking making her not the object of male affection, but the carnivaleque woman fits more into normal feminine roles but often times is over the top or dramatic when on display…well don’t both of these sound like Chelsea Handler on her show and the guest women comics she has on her show. In The Unruly Woman: Gender and the Genres of Laughter Kathleen Rowe explains the grotesque and carnivalesque woman normally is laughs at herself, creates order by dominating men, maybe old and not willing to disappear, and normally has whorish or lose behavior (31). Throughout the Chelsea Lately Show it is very easy to see these themes Chelsea makes fun of herself constantly, controls and belittles Chuy, speaks on her sexual experiences, and Chelsea is almost 40 years old which in Hollywood is old. But the point is that neither of these comedy styles is new for women look at women such as Rosanne, Ellen, Melissa McCartney, Rebel Wilson, Wanda Sykes, Tina Fey…all of them use one of these styles, these styles allow women to be successful and non-threatening to their male peers which reinforces the notion that we live a male dominated society where women are allowed to succeed but not at the expense of or in favor of men. The Chelsea Lately Show at first glance seems as if it is breaking down the barriers of hegemony for women but when examined closely the show uses prescribed antidotes that have been launching the careers of women in comedy for the last decade, and these antidotes allow men to maintain their dominance both in comedy and society because it portrays women as controllable and meek and women defiantly don’t need any more of that. 

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Unit Post: Teenage Pregnancy and Purity

            Even though its 2013 women still seem to have this extreme importance tied to their virginity where it seems men do not. You always hear about whether a woman can wear white on her wedding day and girls getting abstinence rings from their fathers, but have you ever heard a guy asked if he could wear white at his wedding and “really mean it” or seen fathers slapping purity rings in their son’s finger. We live in a male dominated society that basically allows men to have as much sex as they want, whenever they want without any fear of persecution. But women on the other hand have an extremely regulated sexually identity with little room to explore their sexual selves, and if women do explore their sexuality they often times get (mis) labeled as whores. Does that seem fair that my male counterpart gets to explore his sexual self while I’m ridiculed, forced, or bullied into staying pure?

            The importance put on women and virginity shows that our male dominated society still dominates that way women look at themselves and their sexuality. This idea of purity balls (a formal dance where fathers and daughters pledge to each other that the daughter will be pure till marriage) and purity rings seems aimed more at control of women’s sexuality and not this wholesome idea of purity, because if purity was the main focus then fathers and mothers would preach the importance of purity to both their sons and daughters. But in most situations purity balls/rings are given to daughters by their DADS in hopes that they will save themselves for their HUSBANDS, and the daughter is just caught in the middle of the two men as if her only purpose is to please the men in her life and she has no say in the matter. And I understand fathers wanting to protect their daughters but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the daughters say in the matter and the freedom to make her own decisions. I have no problem with virginity or purity balls/rings as long as you’re the one making the decision and you know you have other choices and if YOU want to save yourself for marriage I have no problem with that, because it’s your decision. 

Unit Post Supernatural Sexuality: Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Bella?


  Twilight is responsible for millions of teenage girls wanting to fall in love with a blood sucking vampire who at any given second would love to do nothing more than suck the life out of you…literally. And how could we forget wanting to have an animalistic best friend like Jacob who for the most part seems pretty normal…except for when he turns into a freakishly large wolf and also might want to kill you. Under any other circumstances falling in love with a vampire and having a wolf best friend would seem like a pretty bad deal, but thanks to Bella, Edward, and Jacob this phenomenon of “supernatural sexuality” is so “hot”. Supernatural sexuality allows for an escape from the much regulated sexual world we live in, into a fantasy world that can often be very dangerous (explaining the vampires) but to the same token very exciting. And this world of supernatural sexuality is everywhere with the vampire theme leading the way with movies like Twilight and shows like True blood and The Vampire Diaries. So thanks to Twilight the vampire craze seems here to stay for a while…but what is Twilight really telling us?

Well for one Twilight says what society has been telling us for a very long time, and that is that women are weak and they need a man or in this case men to one feel protected and to be complete. Throughout the movie Bella is forever getting herself into horrible situations (with vampires and other humans) that she cannot get herself out of unless Edward or Jacob intervenes and saves the day, which does nothing but reinforce the idea of a poor weak woman being rescued by the strong brave man. Secondly Bella is nothing without a man, in Twilight: New Moon when Edward breaks up with Bella, Bella falls into a deep dark depression until she befriends Jacob and Jacob starts to like her…all the sudden Bella isn’t depressed anymore. This idea does nothing but tell women that they need a man and having a man will make them happy. Lastly Twilight tells us that all men are beast! For both Edward and Jacob are uncontrollable, aggressive, dominating creatures whose only real focus seems to be to control Bella. So maybe we should focus a little less on whether we’re team Edward or team Jacob and start being Team Bella because she is really getting the short end of the stick here. 


Love forever!

Could you turn your back your back on your son because he was gay? Could you hate him because liking another man is something you don’t understand? Could you discriminate against him and treat him differently? Because I know I couldn’t, and because of that there is no way I can treat anyone’s else’s son that way. If you wouldn’t look into your child’s face and say it…how can you justify looking into someone else’s and saying it as if they don’t have feelings too. So maybe we should try loving other people’s children the same way we would love our own children, and look past how different they are or how much we don’t understand them and just look at the simple fact they are human beings.


Love forever!

Could you turn your back your back on your son because he was gay? Could you hate him because liking another man is something you don’t understand? Could you discriminate against him and treat him differently? Because I know I couldn’t, and because of that there is no way I can treat anyone’s else’s son that way. If you wouldn’t look into your child’s face and say it…how can you justify looking into someone else’s and saying it as if they don’t have feelings too. So maybe we should try loving other people’s children the same way we would love our own children, and look past how different they are or how much we don’t understand them and just look at the simple fact they are human beings.

Mini Media: 50 Shades of…your mom and Magic Mike.


Does 50 Shades of Grey really make women act like this… probably not but I do these pictures have a purpose other than being funny. The pictures are able to show what books like 50 Shades of Grey and movies like Magic Mike are able to do for women sexuality, by giving women a green light to talk about sex publicly because they now have mainstream media to guide their discussions. These discussions can include everything from sexual fantasies to masturbation which women have often been warned not to talk about with anyone but their significant other because its not “lady like”. Well 50 Shades of Grey pretty much throws the notion of lady in the streets, freak in the sheets out the window and says women its okay to like and talk about sex…now start talking!

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